10 Best Landscaping Ideas for Precast Plunge Pools in Australia: Crafting Your Private Oasis

When we talk about outdoor living spaces, precast plunge pools have made quite a splash. But creating the ultimate oasis goes beyond just the pool itself — the landscaping brings everything together. Whether you’re a fan of modern minimalism or love the charm of a tropical retreat, get ready to dip your toes into the top 10 best landscaping ideas for precast plunge pools to suit your Australian backyard.

1. A Tropical Retreat

One way to up the ante of your backyard plunge pool is with tropical landscaping. Think lush, broad-leafed palms and ferns, striking bird-of-paradise blooms, and a palm tree or two. Picture this, after a day of work, you walk to your backyard for a refreshing dip. You hear your mini oasis rustling and dancing to the breeze. Creating your dreamy tropical oasis around your concrete plunge pool can truly make every day feel like a holiday.

Creating that Natural Oasis

If you’re a nature lover, surround your precast plunge pool with native plants, creating a lush of greens that are not stunning and low maintenance. Create your tropical oasis with lush palms and ferns. You can also add bamboo fencing for some privacy, and a summer umbrella or thatched roof pool hut for the ultimate vacation-at-home feel.

2. Modern Minimalist

If you love simplicity, a minimalist landscape is the way to go. Embrace the clean, minimalist aesthetic with sleek lines, geometric shapes, and a monochromatic palette. A simple stone pool deck can amplify your home into a luxurious contemporary look. 

3. A Rustic Retreat

If you are going for a more rustic charm, focus on naturally weathered materials like timber decking or flagstone. You can also incorporate distressed wooden furniture, native Australian plants, or ornamental grass to add to the welcoming vibe of your plunge pool area. 

4. Resort-Style Living

Why not transform your backyard into a resort-style retreat? Mimic the luxury of a high-end resort by incorporating plush poolside lounges, premium lighting, and a built-in outdoor bar. You can invest in cabanas, sunbeds, bean bags, chic outdoor furniture, and ambient lighting to create a luxury resort atmosphere around your plunge pool.

Making a Splash with Water Features

Why stop with a summery vibe when you can have water features too? Incorporate a waterfall or a fountain to add a touch of luxury to your backyard pool.

5. Family Fun Zone

Design a fun space that your whole family will love. Consider adding a poolside play area, a BBQ spot, or a chill-out space. Keep the landscaping low-maintenance and safe for children by incorporating a shaded play area and colourful, durable outdoor furnishings that are easy to maintain. If you have small children, it would be a good idea to install safety fencing.

6. Spa-like Serenity

If you are looking to level up your backyard landscaping and have the budget to spare, add a hot tub or jacuzzi next to your plunge pool, surrounded by zen-inspired elements such as bamboo, stacked stones, water features, and calming lighting for a perfect spa-like treatment.

7. Wildlife Oasis

Lush and green are definitely in! Incorporate local flora and fauna to create a natural habitat around your plunge pool. Enjoy an afternoon swim as you appreciate the sound of nature in the background. With native flowers, bird feeders, and insect houses built around your landscaping, you can easily invite local wildlife into your space. Just be careful and look out for roos or gators that might want to take a dip! 

8. Nighttime Nook

If you love enjoying your plunge pool after sundown, invest in good lighting for your landscaping design. Underwater lights, fairy lights, lanterns, lit water features, or even a fire pit can create a magical and romantic experience right in your backyard.

9. Indoor-Outdoor Flow

Do you want a living area that seamlessly blends with the natural beauty of your backyard? Then an Indoor-Outdoor Flow landscaping idea is your best option. The key to this concept is creating a smooth transition between your home’s interior and your outdoor plunge pool area. Here are some strategies to accomplish this:

Consistent Flooring and Decking

Consider using the same or similar materials for your indoor flooring and outdoor decking around the plunge pool. This consistency can visually connect the two spaces together. For example, if you have timber flooring inside, you can extend that by using wooden decking for your pool area.

Large Glass Doors or Windows

You can blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces by Incorporating large glass doors or windows. Bifold or sliding doors are excellent options, as they can open up entirely to extend your living area to the pool deck. Imagine having a visual delight in terms of the space you have!

Continuity in Design Elements

Carry certain design elements from your indoor decor to your outdoor space. This could be in the form of colour schemes, furniture style, or even certain architectural features.

Indoor-Styled Outdoor Furniture

Use outdoor furniture that resembles your indoor pieces to maintain a consistent theme across both spaces. Consider durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions but don’t compromise on your comfort and style.

Incorporating Nature Indoors

Bring parts of your garden indoors. Indoor plants, floral arrangements, or even a small indoor water feature can echo the outdoor landscape and further bridge the gap between inside and out.

10. Aussie Outback

Picture this: A lazy, sunburnt afternoon in the outback, where the golden hues of the landscape melt into a bright, clear sky. What better way to capture this view than in your own backyard with an Aussie outback-inspired concrete plunge pool? 

We’re talking about a precast concrete plunge pool with a round or natural freeform shape with the surface finished with sand or earth-toned aggregate, reminiscent of the iconic red dirt roads of the outback. Go all out by incorporating local plants, trees, bushes, and tough drought-resistant species like Spinifex grasses, Bottlebrush, or Kangaroo Paw on the surrounding landscape.

Your decking? Go for a material that compliments the surrounding landscape, like durable hardwood. Ironbark, perhaps? Make sure to add some daybeds or a shared fireplace, and bingo! You’ve got yourself a cozy little bush campsite. If you’d like to explore more decking options, check out Pool Decking Options for Precast Plunge Pools.

Optimal Plant Choices for Your Precast Plunge Pool Landscaping

The key to achieving your dream backyard oasis lies in a thoughtful selection of plants. Whether your precast plunge pool is embedded in-ground, placed above ground, or has a unique shape, incorporating the right flora can boost its aesthetics significantly. Breathe life into your plunge pool landscaping with these plant options:

Native Plants

Native plants are ideal for pool landscaping. They’re adapted to the local climate, making them thrive with less maintenance. Word to the wise: not all plants can survive the humid, often chlorinated environment near a pool. Select local plants that are known for their hardiness in such conditions. 

Tropical Plants

If you’re aiming for a resort-style feel, tropical plants are your best bet. Consider species like palms, birds of paradise, and hibiscus for a lush, exotic look. Using plants with different colours can bring vibrancy to your pool area. Try mixing in some flowering plants among your greens for a stunning burst of colour.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can add texture and movement to your pool landscape. They’re also a great solution for adding privacy and softening the hard edges of the pool.

What To Do Next?

Do you have a beautiful pool but no privacy? Consider reading our next article Privacy Options for Backyard Precast Plunge Pools Landscaping to get some ideas!


The journey of designing your oasis begins with your landscaping style. With the right pool landscaping ideas for precast plunge pools, your outdoor space can become a pocket of paradise. Remember, a well-designed landscape should reflect your lifestyle, meet your needs, and blend harmoniously with your home’s architecture. Now that you have these top 10 landscaping ideas, it’s time to make a splash in your backyard!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Plunge Pools Brisbane for guidance and assistance. Together, we can create an outdoor oasis that you’ll love for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are precast plunge pools a good fit for small spaces?

Yes, precast plunge pools are compact and versatile, making them an excellent choice for small spaces.

2. Can I change the shape of a precast plunge pool?

Precast plunge pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but customising the shape may not always be possible due to the precasting process. Learn more about the installation process of precast plunge pools here.

3. How do I maintain the plants around my plunge pool?

Choosing low-maintenance, pool-friendly plants will make upkeep easier. Regular trimming and proper irrigation will help maintain their health and appearance.

4. Can landscaping around a plunge pool increase my property value?

Absolutely! Well-designed landscaping can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your property, potentially increasing its value.

5. Is it possible to have a green, eco-friendly plunge pool?

Yes, using eco-friendly pool systems and sustainable landscaping practices can make your plunge pool a green oasis.

6. What are some budget-friendly landscaping ideas for my plunge pool?

Using local, in-season plants, doing some of the labour yourself, and incorporating multi-functional features can help keep costs down.

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