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We’ve been building luxury homes in and around Brisbane for years, and we started this pool company because we couldn’t find a pool manufacturer, a pool installer who would apply the same attention to detail and rigor and due diligence and research that we apply to building a home to building a pool.

You know, we found cowboys that were concreters or driveway guys or whatever, who just wanted to build pools. And, you know, I mean, you’ve all seen the stories. You’ve seen when, every time it rains, everyone’s posting photos of their pool on Facebook because they’ve gone brown and full of mud, and it’s just because the installers didn’t take the time to do a contour survey and to do a soil test and to look at the council data where the floods are going to go, where the water’s going to run and think about what’s going to happen when it rains. Is the pool going to pop out of the ground? We see pools cracking. We can see all these kind of horror stories, and all of it, 100% comes down to due diligence and research and good design. If we get those parts right, the rest of the job’s pretty straightforward, but if we skip over or shortcut on the due diligence on the front end of the project, there’s almost no chance that the rest of it go well, and there’s almost no chance that you’re going to be happy with the end outcome.

So as luxury home builders, you know, obviously it’s very important when you’re spending a couple of million dollars on your home that we take the time to do the due diligence and research, to prepare the prepare the site and build your home properly. So here’s the thing, whoever builds your pool make sure they’re doing proper due diligence right up front. The last thing in the world you ever want is that they dive into the project and they start building your pool, or they get on site on the day the installers are there, ready to pump concrete or drop your pool in, and they say, “Oh, well, we can’t put a pool here. You need another $30,000 worth of retaining wall, or $6,000 worth of screw piers. Or, you know, we need to do some site excavation, or there’s airs rock under your backyard, and we need to spend 20 grand in carting rock away.”

You don’t want to get into your project and be finding out about problems like that once you’re already started, you’re three, six months down the track. You dived into the project. You want to know about all of those things right up front. And that comes from doing proper research and due diligence right up front. Before we ever get to site, we gather all the data on your site, we do soil tests and contour surveys, and then we do beautiful CAD design. So you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what you’re in for right up front.

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