The Perfect Plunge: Exploring Pool Decking Options for Precast Plunge Pools 

When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor oasis, the devil is in the details. And nothing sets the stage for a delightful dip better than the perfect pool deck.

So, let’s dive right into your pool decking options for precast plunge pools in Australia, shall we?

Why Precast Plunge Pools?

Precast concrete plunge pools are the talk of the town these days. Unlike custom built pools, they are cost-effective, quick-to-install solutions that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the wallet. But let’s not dive too deep into that rabbit hole yet. After all, we’re here to talk about decking, right?

The Importance of the Perfect Deck

A deck isn’t just a fancy addition to your precast plunge pool; it’s a fundamental part of the package. It’s like the cherry on top, the final touch that brings the whole scene together. Having the right deck within your budget will elevate the overall pool experience and bring your dream oasis into a reality.

Pool Decking Options for Precast Plunge Pools

Alright, now we’re getting to the good stuff. When it comes to picking a deck for your concrete plunge pool, it’s like being a kid in a candy store with an array of choices. Let’s take a closer look at your options:

The Concrete Choice

Concrete isn’t just for sidewalks anymore. It’s a versatile and affordable option that offers a sleek, modern look for your pool deck.

The Pros and Cons of Concrete

On the bright side, concrete is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. It’s also flexible in terms of design, with a variety of colour and texture options available. However, it can be slippery when wet and could be uncomfortable underfoot on hot summer days.

Timber Decking

Nothing screams ‘classic’ quite like timber decking. Wooden decking brings a natural, warm, and elegant vibe to your poolside area. It pairs beautifully with lush greenery, creating a truly inviting outdoor space. But timber decking is more than just a pretty face. It’s durable, versatile, and surprisingly affordable.

Pros and Cons of Timber Decking

Like everything else in life, timber decking comes with its ups and downs. On the plus side, it’s a versatile option with a timeless aesthetic. Wooden decking is relatively easy to install and offers a non-slip surface that is perfectly safe for those fun gatherings at the poolside. On the downside, it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Composite Decking

If you’re after the look of timber without the hassle of maintenance, composite decking could be your knight in shining armour. Made from a blend of wood and plastic, composite decking offers the best of both worlds in precast pools.

Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

Composite decking is durable, low-maintenance, resistant to warping and splintering, and available in a wide range of styles and colours. The catch? It’s generally more expensive than other options and can get quite hot underfoot in the summer.

Stone Decking

For a touch of luxury, consider stone decking. Stone decks are durable, slip-resistant, and incredibly stylish. Plus, they stay cool underfoot, even on the hottest summer days.

Whether you opt for granite, slate, or limestone, stone decking offers a luxurious and timeless aesthetic.

Pros and Cons of Stone Decking

Stone decking is hardwearing, stylish, and offers excellent heat resistance. However, it can be quite expensive and may require professional installation.


Pavers offer a versatile, affordable solution for your pool decking needs. They’re available in a range of materials, including concrete, stone, and brick, and can be arranged in a variety of patterns for a custom look.

Pros and Cons of Pavers

Pavers are versatile, affordable, and easy to replace if damaged. However, they can become uneven over time and may require regular maintenance.

Decking Safety

No matter which decking option you choose, safety should always be a top priority. Look for materials that are slip-resistant and cool underfoot. Also, consider the maintenance requirements of your chosen material.

A Closer Look at Decking Costs

The cost of your deck will depend on the material you choose, the size of the deck for your concrete pool, and whether you’re going the DIY route or hiring professionals. It’s crucial to work within your budget to determine the best material for your project. Below, we’ve broken down the most updated costs per square metre for different types of swimming pool decking in Australia:

Concrete Decking: Simple and Affordable

Concrete decking is a budget-friendly option, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. The cost of concrete decking in Australia varies, but on average, you can expect to pay around AUD $60-$85 per square metre.

Timber Decking: Natural and Warm

Timber decking is a popular choice for those who prefer a natural, warm aesthetic. The cost can vary significantly depending on the type of timber used. Treated pine, a budget-friendly option, can cost around AUD $200 per square metre, while hardwood decking materials like Merbau and Blackbutt are more expensive, ranging from AUD $320-$380 per square metre.

Composite Decking: Low Maintenance and Long-Lasting

Composite decking is a durable and low-maintenance alternative to timber decking. It’s made from a blend of wood fibres and plastic, and it’s resistant to warping, rotting, and termites. Composite decking costs are higher than timber, with prices ranging from AUD $350-$600 per square metre.

Stone Decking: Luxurious and Durable

Stone decking provides a luxurious and high-end aesthetic. It’s extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, stone is the most expensive decking option. Depending on the type of stone you choose, you can expect to pay anywhere from AUD $800-$1,000 per square metre.

Considerations When Choosing Your Pool Decking

Your budget will play a significant role in your choice of decking material and overall installation and landscaping. Here are a rundown list of other things to consider when planning your dream plunge pool:

The Cost of Installation

Remember, the cost of the decking material is only part of the equation. If you’re hiring professionals to install your pool decking, you’ll need to factor in the cost of labor, which can add several thousand dollars to the total cost of your project.

Preparation and Finishing Costs

Depending on the state of your backyard, there may be additional costs involved in preparing the site for your decking. Finishing touches like railings, lighting, and sealing or staining (for wood decks) can also add to the overall cost.

Maintenance Costs

Don’t forget about maintenance! How much time and effort are you willing to invest in maintaining your backyard oasis? Depending on the decking material you choose, you may need to budget for regular cleaning, sealing, or staining to keep your deck looking its best. While stone and composite decks require little more than a good clean now and then.


Consider the look you want for your pool area and how it fits in your lifestyle and home architecture. Do you prefer the natural beauty of wood, the modern appeal of concrete, the luxurious look of stone, or the versatile designs of composite? You decide.

What’s the Best Choice for You?

Choosing the right pool decking for your precast plunge pool can truly transform your outdoor space into a personal oasis. Consider your options carefully, keeping in mind not only the upfront cost but also the long-term maintenance and durability. Whether you prefer the natural charm of wood, the modern simplicity of concrete, the luxurious touch of stone, or the low-maintenance appeal of composite, there’s a pool decking option out there that’s perfect for your plunge pool. Dive in and make your choice.


1. Can I install pool decking myself?

While some people take the DIY route, professional installation ensures a high-quality and durable result.

2. What’s the most durable pool decking option?

Stone and composite decking are generally the most durable options.

3. How long does pool decking last?

With proper care, pool decking can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on the material.

4. Is pool decking slip-resistant?

Most pool decking materials offer some degree of slip-resistance, but it’s always a good idea to double-check.

5. Can I change my pool decking material?

Yes, but it’s a substantial project that will likely require professional help.

6. How do I maintain my pool decking?

Regular cleaning and sealing can help prolong the life of your pool decking.

7. Should I landscape my new pool deck? 

Landscaping around your plunge pool deck can transform it from a simple outdoor area into a tranquil oasis. Here are the Top 10 ideas for landscaping your plunge pools to help give you inspiration for your next pool project.

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