Precast VS Custom Plunge Pool – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between a Precast and a Custom Plunge Pool?

So, what’s the difference between a plunge pool and a custom pool? The most straightforward answer is that plunge pools are made in a factory and brought to the site by truck. In contrast, custom pools are made on-site.

So the real question here is…

When do you want a plunge pool? And when do you want a custom pool? And what’s the difference?

Plunge pools are great when you want something relatively small, quick, and easy. They’re pre-manufactured products and there are only two manufacturers in Southeast Queensland. There’s only a handful of sizes. So you’ve got a couple of different round ones, a square one, and a few rectangles of different sizes. So if one of those sizes is right for you, perfect, because we can get them done quickly. Think about a month starting to finish the whole project.

If one of those sizes isn’t right for you, it’s going to be a custom pool. Now, if we were to build a custom pool the same size as a plunge pool, you might be looking at 20, maybe 30% tops, extra cost for manufacture, and the inconvenience of manufacturing on site. That’s just how the numbers work out.

However, you migh be thinking: “Aren’t custom pools usually are a lot more expensive? Often, three, four or five times the price?”. Yes, but only because they’re so much bigger, right?

Now, the question remains:

Should you get a precast or a custom plunge pool?

Theoretically, we could do a custom pool of the same size as the precast plunge pools. But if one of the precast sizes works much quicker and makes installation easier, that’s probably the right way to go.

If you think: “Six by three, no way we’ve got a bunch of kids, and we want a nice big pool”. Then it’s going to be a custom pool. We can build any size, any shape. You can put spas inside them; you can do all kinds of fancy things with them. So if you’re thinking: “Hey, that’s what I’m after.” And you’ve got the budget for that, then a custom pool is definitely the way to go.

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