Exploring Privacy Options for Plungie Plunge Pools in Australia – Photos and Ideas

In the land of sun and surf, having a private oasis to cool down is a luxury many Australians cherish. Plunge pools offer you a perfect solution, especially when paired with the right privacy options.

But what are these privacy options, you ask?

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Understanding the Need for Privacy

Your backyard plunge pool is more than just a pool; it’s a private retreat, a sanctuary. Creating an environment where you feel at ease and can unwind in peace requires thoughtful consideration of privacy elements.

Whether you’re taking a refreshing dip in the scorching summer months or unwinding in the cool evening breeze, your Plungie plunge pool is must feel like a safe haven. But how do you ensure your tranquil retreat stays private? From natural vegetation to innovative screens, there’s a multitude of options to keep prying eyes at bay. Let’s delve into the top privacy options for backyard Plungie plunge pools.

Addressing Common Privacy Concerns

Concerns can range from prying neighbours to intrusive wildlife. Addressing these issues in your landscaping design can lead to a more enjoyable and relaxing plunge pool experience.

Privacy Landscaping for Backyard Precast Plunge Pools

Designing a private retreat involves more than just installing a pool. You need to think about the landscaping around it and how it promotes privacy. From planting tall trees to erecting fences and screens, let’s explore the options available:

Fencing Your Pool Area 

Fencing is the most straightforward way to add privacy. Options like timber, bamboo, or even steel can provide you with a sturdy and stylish privacy barrier.

Choosing the right fence for your pool area can make a significant difference in terms of privacy and aesthetic appeal. But the question is – which type best fits your needs? Let’s check out some options that guarantee your seclusion, without compromising on style or space.

1. Solid and Sturdy: The Classic Approach.

Opt for solid wood, faux stone, or thick lattice pool fence if your main objective is absolute privacy. Be aware, though, these robust fences may seem too bulky for smaller pool areas, creating an unwelcome sense of confinement. Read along to know more efficient options for you.

2. Subtle and Stylish: The Art of Intrigue.

For a less imposing option, consider fences with intricate textures or minute apertures. Rolled bamboo fencing, sculptured panels, or weather-resistant composite fencing with closely spaced slats can offer privacy without overwhelming your outdoor space.

Strategic Planting

Nothing spells privacy more than a thick, lush wall of trees and shrubs. Strategic planting is a natural and aesthetically pleasing method to add privacy to your plunge pool area while helping keep the Aussie heat to a minimum. We’ll explore the best plant options and creative landscaping for you that provide coverage and thrive in Australia’s climate:

1. Vines for Privacy: 

In the realm of pool landscaping, vines can be magical. They lend a beautiful view while enhancing privacy. You can easily add a lattice or wall where your vines can completely grow into a lush natural fence. Consider the charm of Climbing Hydrangeas, Wisteria, or Honeysuckle. It’s ideal to pick vines native to your location to promote local biodiversity and prevent invasive growth.

2. Evergreens as Natural Screens:

When it comes to privacy, nothing beats evergreens. Consider shrubs like Boxwoods, Laurels, Yews, or Junipers as they all make excellent living screens for your in-ground concrete plunge pools. Be sure to pick shrubs adapted to your local climate. Steer clear from Arborvitae though; they tend to be a tad untidy for a poolside location! If you want more information about the best Australian plants and shrubs to incorporate into your plunge pool design, don’t hesitate to send us a message! 

3. Bamboo Zen Landscaping:

If you want an easy way to achieve zen, bamboo offers a distinct aesthetic appeal and, in suitable climates, can be a cost-effective choice for privacy and solace. However, it’s essential to opt for a slow-spreading, clustering bamboo variety so you can avoid unruly growth. Always plant bamboo at a safe distance from your pool, ideally about 10 feet away. And you can enjoy your zen days in no time.

4. Blossoming Hedges for Beauty and Privacy:

If flowers are more your style, you may want to check out flowering shrubs. Abelia, Privet, or Viburnum offer delightful possibilities and luxurious fragrant hedges. Prune them correctly, and you’ll have a living masterpiece offering both privacy and beauty. 

5. Faux Plants for Maintenance-Free Privacy:

If maintenance doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, worry not! Modern faux hedges and vines can mimic real plants convincingly. Achieve cost-effective pool landscaping with minimal maintenance, thanks to these beauties.

Incorporating Privacy Screens 

If you’re looking for a versatile, movable privacy solution that doesn’t compromise aesthetics, then portable privacy screens might be your best bet. These are compact and can be easily positioned where needed, providing flexible and efficient seclusion.

Privacy screens can also add an elegant and modern touch to your plunge pool area while enhancing your privacy. You can choose from basic screens or more artistic options such as the one below. If you want to explore more options, our installers at Plunge Pools Brisbane can help you set it up easily.

Pergolas and Pavilions 

A pergola or a pavilion around your pool area not only offers shade but also an added level of privacy. It’s the perfect spot to lounge after a refreshing plunge.

Pergolas and pavilions can serve as focal points in your pool area, offering both shade and privacy. Find out how to integrate these structures into your pool landscape design.

Garden Structures and Garden Art

Garden structures such as arbors and trellises, or garden art, can be strategically placed to provide coverage and enhance the overall aesthetics of your plunge pool area. We’ll explore different designs that can blend seamlessly into your garden landscape.

Utilizing Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures provide ultimate privacy and can also extend the use of your plunge pool throughout the year. They not only keep your pool free from all the outdoor muck and fallen leaves, but it also slashes your pool-cleaning chores substantially.

Furthermore, if you have a heated pool, an enclosure can act as an insulator, curbing your heating expenses. It can also serve as a barrier against water evaporation, which often leads to a wasteful loss of costly pool chemicals. In essence, a pool enclosure can be a cost-effective and time-saving solution to lessen your pool maintenance.

Outdoor Blinds and Curtains

Curtains or outdoor blinds can be a great addition. These can provide adjustable privacy to your pool area. They come in various materials suitable for outdoor use and can be rolled up or down depending on your privacy needs.

More Tips

Integrating Multiple Privacy Options

Most often, a combination of privacy options yields the best result. You can mix and match in order to create a unique installation that fits your lifestyle and home perfectly. A wooden fence and plants are the most common options, but you can easily customize them depending on plant kinds and sizes. Don’t forget that you only need to strike a balance between privacy and aesthetic appeal.

What’s Next?

Investing in privacy options for your backyard Plungie concrete plunge pool ensures that your little slice of paradise remains private and serene.

From fences to flora, the choice is vast, catering to every budget and design preference. So, take the plunge and turn your pool area into a personal oasis where you can relax, undisturbed.

You can call us at Plunge Pools Brisbane for your custom quote and we can help sort out privacy options for you too.

Want to know more about the advantages of using Plungie? Check out our next articles, where we talk more about the pools themselves!


What is the best way to maintain privacy around my precast plunge pool?

The best way depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the layout of your backyard. Some popular options include fences, privacy screens, and tall vegetation.

Are there any laws or regulations about pool privacy in Australia?

Yes, there are regulations relating to safety, especially if your privacy option includes fencing. It’s best to check with your local council to understand the specific rules in your area.

How can I increase privacy without blocking sunlight in my pool area?

Consider using privacy screens with slats, installing a pergola with adjustable louvres, or planting tall but sparse vegetation.

Does adding privacy features increase the value of my property?

Privacy is a sought-after feature in homes, so well-designed and attractive privacy features can potentially increase your property’s value.

Can I install privacy features myself?

While some features can be DIY projects, others might require professional help, especially if there are safety regulations involved.

How much do privacy features typically cost?

The cost can vary widely depending on the type of privacy feature, materials used, and whether you’re installing it yourself or hiring a professional. In most cases, you might find yourself budgeting anywhere from $150 to a hefty $600 per metre. But don’t forget, every dollar spent is a testament to your commitment towards safety and aesthetics!

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